Inspection Areas


Regulation and supervision of road and pedestrian traffic and parking. Removal of badly parked or abandoned vehicles.


Trade and Housing

Inspection of commercial establishments, at the level of licences (permits), metrological control, advertising, occupation of public roads, compliance with the closing hours of commercial establishments, restaurants and bars, and noise.

Inspection of local (tourist) accommodation, at the level of the installation, operation and functioning of accommodation establishments and registration of private parks for tourist use

Markets and Fairs

Inspection of economic activities in Lisbon's markets and retail fairs.


Municipal Property

Inspection of municipal property, namely the illegal occupation of buildings, creating the necessary security conditions for the execution of evictions, deliberated by the city council, from the abusively occupied municipal dwellings, and inspection of irregularities on municipal land.


Environmental Protection / Forestry Police

Activity carried out by the Forestry Police (Special Environmental Inspection Brigade). Surveillance, protection and maintenance of the Monsanto Forest Park and the other woodlands and forest parks in Lisboa subject to the forestry regime, namely by ensuring compliance with municipal regulations, prevention and collaboration in fighting fires, protection of various species of fauna and flora, collection of wild animals, carrying out environmental education activities, monitoring events and surveillance of municipal equipment in these spaces.


Animals and Public Health

Compliance with animal legislation, in particular the movement of potentially dangerous animals on public roads, permits, unsanitary conditions, noise, the collection of large wild animals and the protection of council teams when collecting stray animals.


Urbanism and Construction

Supervision of works, to detect possible alterations to projects, of compliance with deadlines set in the permits, detecting and repressing clandestine construction.


Itinerant Sales

Supervision of the exercise of the activity of itinerant sales, in particular of licences and the seizure of items that are being sold illegally.


Security in the Public Space

Cooperate in maintaining public tranquillity and protecting the local community, in the surveillance of public spaces or spaces open to the public, namely through the supervision of public road works, the occupation of public roads (street furniture, advertising in historic neighbourhoods) and incivilities.