Lisboa Film Commission

Lisboa Film Commission

Its main goals are to support the production and promotion of films, TV and commercials, to promote and highlight the various cityscapes, its cultural and historical heritage as well as Lisbon's state-of-the art modern buildings.​


Lisboa Film Commission offers services like:

  • providing information and guidance regarding film/photo shooting permits;
  • connecting producers with the local production companies, service providers, crew and facilities;
  • helping to search for locations, scheduling meetings to give clarifications, and providing with useful information concerning shootings in Lisbon;
  • reaching out to external entities if needed;
  • promoting the image of the city of Lisbon, its sights, its nature and heritage on the international market, as well as its services and supports given by the Municipality.

10 Reasons to Film in Lisbon

1. Sunny and mild climate with over 270 days of sunshine a year with a unique and remarkable light
2. Versatile locations, urban diversity, where the modern and the traditional urban landscapes coexist. Rich cultural, architectural and historical heritage, being one of the eldest European capitals
3. Multicultural, cosmopolitan, comfortable and welcoming city
4. Well-established tourist industry, with a large range of hotels and restaurants generally of a high standard at affordable prices
5. Located in the heart of Portugal, a very small European Country, Lisbon is very accessible. Surrounded by different sceneries, Lisbon’s unique placement makes mountains, plains, large ocean beaches, rocky sea cliffs and other nature masterpieces within easy reach
6. Lisbon is well-connected with the rest of Portugal thanks to a highway network, with travel-friendly distances from north to south and east to west
7. The main production companies are based in Lisbon. Crews are well-trained, highly creative, skilled and experienced in working with international media, be it films, television shows or advertising. Film technicians are flexible and highly professional, speaking more than one foreign language besides English
8. Most suppliers of technical equipment are based in Lisbon. Cameras, lighting and sound, equipment, generators, grip equipment and cranes of high quality are available from various rental outlets
9. Simplified procedures to shoot in Lisbon. Filming permits within 3 working days and tax exemptions to film in public space applied to projects of cultural interest. Simplified and flexible procedures for small crews
10. An experienced Lisboa Film Commission team that enjoys being helpful and assisting whoever comes to film in the city

Facts and figures of audiovisual media productions in Lisboa

Filming in Lisbon Guide

This guide indicates the guidelines that should be followed if you want to film/photograph in Lisboa. It is for the professionals from film, audiovisual, advertising, television and other, photographers, students or anyone who has a film or a photo shoot project.

Updated version available soon

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