The administrative reorganisation of Lisbon in 2012 defined a new city map. Lisbon now has 24 parishes, with new powers and more financial resources. 

Representative bodies of the parish

Parish Council - Executive body 

The president of the parish council is the citizen who heads the list with the most votes in the election to the parish assembly. 

Parish Assembly - Deliberative body 

It is elected by the citizens registered in the area of the parish. In accordance with Law 75/2013 the parish assembly monitors and supervises the parish administration. 



Parishes Delimitation

New Generation of Contracts for the Delegation of Powers

New Generation of Contracts for the Delegation of Powers

New Generation of Contracts for the Delegation of Powers

In April 2019, with the signing of new contracts for the delegation of powers the parishes saw their action and management capacity reinforced, with €50 million being transferred for the implementation of seven programmes in various areas of the city. 

The Contracts for Delegation of Powers (CDC) were approved by the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, through deliberation 129/AML/2019 following proposal 88/CML/2019, as amended by proposal 177/CML/2019. 

The addendum to the new CDCs - approved by deliberation 84/AML/2020, following proposal 98/CML/2020 - reprogrammes the multiannual commitment, with the consequent allocation of costs for 2020 and 2021, guaranteeing for the Parish Councils the financial retroactivity and execution of the interventions of the new generation of CDCs, of the following programmes, throughout the period of the current municipal mandate. 

100% Safe Neighbourhood Programme 

  • Improve the quality of life and the environment; 

  • Interventions in the public space, pedestrian recreational spaces; 

  • Measures to promote safety and mobility. 

100% Safe School Programme 

  • Promote safety in schools and maintenance of pedestrian leisure spaces near schools; 

  • Improve accessibility to schools for children and safety in the surrounding areas. 

Equipment/Public Space Requalification Programme 

  • Urban requalification, creation of new leisure areas, playgrounds, intergenerational parks; 

  • Introduce a new centrality in the neighbourhoods; 

  • Strengthen the territorial and intergenerational cohesion of Lisbonites. 

Open House Programme 

  • Aimed at the elderly or disabled population; 

  • Focused on safety and quality of life, in terms of autonomy, such as small works to adapt toilets and other architectural barriers; 

  • Promotion of accessibility and safety in housing. 

Sports Equipment Programme 

  • Promotion of a network of partners (schools, associations and sports agents) involving a common vision for sport. 

Social Rights Programme 

  • Fights exclusion, defends rights, develops initiatives that affirm social rights with the reinforcement of citizenship, in a plural, open, and multicultural city where equality, parity, diversity, tolerance, civic and collective life, multilingualism, ethnic and religious diversity are promoted; 

  • Involves the population living in a situation of social exclusion and economic inequality, in particular the elderly and children. 

Special Projects Programme 

  • Interventions aimed at improving the quality of life and the environment, from an innovative and positive point of view; 

  • The aim is to stimulate new solutions to problems and opportunities in the parishes, focusing on efficiency and reuse of available equipment.