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Lisboa sem SIDA



The reality of HIV infection has changed. The treatments and prevention have evolved. But the stigma and discrimination remain. It's time to change the history of HIV in Lisbon

Stigma and discrimination make people shy away from prevention and taking HIV tests.

Stigma and discrimination also discourage people living with HIV from seeking the formal health services and treatment. This also affects their wellbeing and ability to deal with the infection, often leading to self-discrimination and self-imposed invisibility.

Therefore, the #zerodiscrimination campaign aims to raise awareness on the impact of this stigma, improve knowledge on the infection and contribute to making Lisbon a city that doesn't discriminate against people living with HIV.



In Portugal (Stigma Index, 2013), people living with HIV face discrimination once or more times a year, but 60% do not confront those discriminating them. Furthermore:

  • 51% of people living with HIV are victims of defamation
  • 21% are forced to change employment duties
  • 11% are excluded from family activities
  • 9% experienced being refused healthcare

The stigma associated to HIV is primarily caused by lack of knowledge about the infection, fear of contagion, and stereotypes and prejudices leading to discriminatory attitudes.

For further information or support in the event of discrimination related to HIV, please contact:

HIV and AIDS Anti-Discrimination Centre

 +351 910 347 006