COVID-19 Measures and Information

Plano de Apoio Económico e Social

Medidas apresentadas a 11 de novembro

Na sequência do agravamento das condições de contágio da COVID 19, e do impacto económico e social das novas medidas de restrição de circulação, a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa criou um plano de apoio às empresas, emprego, famílias e associações da cidade.

As candidaturas serão registadas através de um site disponível no início de dezembro.

20 M€

  • Apoio a fundo perdido;
  • Empresas e empresários em nome individual do setor do Comércio e da Restauração da cidade de Lisboa, sem dívidas AT, SS e CML;
  • Volume negócios até 500 mil euros (em 2019);
  • Quebras de faturação >25% (janeiro a setembro de 2020);
  • O apoio será pago em 2 tranches entre dezembro de 2020 e março 2021.

Volume de negócios até 100 mil € - Apoio total de 4 000€
Volume de negócios entre 100 mil e 300 mil € - Apoio total de 6 000€
Volume de negócios entre 300 mil e 500 mil € - Apoio total de 8 000€

All social housing rent payments will be suspended until 30 June 2020. This measure will benefit 24,000 families and 70,000 people.

After the aforementioned date, the amount not charged can be repaid over 18 months, free of interest and charges.

Families will be entitled to request a review of their monthly rents at any time, namely in case of lower household incomes and/or unemployment.

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Social emergency fund for families, social institutions and acquisition of all goods, services and equipment required in this emergency situation, amounting to 25 million euros.

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The tenants of commercial establishments owned by the municipality (city council or municipal companies) that were forced to close will be fully exempted from paying rent.
This measure will be in place until 30 June 2020 and also applies to all kiosks and shops located in municipal boroughs that remain open.
This measure is implemented in coordination with the Port of Lisbon Administration, thus applying to commercial establishments operating in the Port of Lisbon area, without prejudice to any specific conditions included in the agreements managed by this entity.

All social, cultural, sports and recreational institutions operating in premises owned by the municipality will be fully exempted from paying rent until 30 June 2020.

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Public space occupancy and commercial advertising rates will be suspended. Banks, credit institutions and insurers are excluded from the scope of this measure and will be required to continue paying these rates.
This measure also applies to fees charged by Parish Councils.
The suspension period shall begin retroactively on 1 March 2020 and end on 30 June 2020.
Any establishments whose annual licences expire during the suspension period will only be required to apply for renewal and make the respective payments after 30 June 2020.

The provision prohibiting the use of non-reusable plastic will not enter into force before 30 June 2020, such as to facilitate take-away trade and supply.


Regular purchase of fresh produce directly from producers at markets currently closed and delivery of produce to welfare associations in Lisbon.


The City of Lisbon will ensure the implementation of the Lisbon City Council and municipal company investment plan for 2020 and subsequent years, estimated at €620 million, with a view to improving public services, supporting employment and maintaining productive capacity.


AreasOngoing or to be implemented in the 1st quarter of 2020To be implemented in the 2nd quarter of 2020Total
Schools; nurseries; health centres; other50 M€90 M€140 M€
Housing60 M€100 M€160 M€
Green areas; parks; environment15 M€20 M€35 M€
Public spaces20 M€30 M€50 M€
Infrastructures and sanitation 170 M€170 M€
Mobility10 M€25 M€35 M€
Tourism10 M€20 M€30 M€
  TOTAL165 M€455 M€620 M€


Urban licensing services will be continue to be fully ensured by more than 400 employees working from home. This measure aims to support all architects, project designers, investors and construction companies, such as to foster employment and economic recovery.

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Payments to project designers, namely architecture, engineering and technical service companies, will be made in advance.
This measure will allow for immediate payment against delivery of up to 50% of projects; the remainder shall be paid after project approval, as per usual.

A team will be formed for the purpose of aiding micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (Lisboa Empreende) by providing information on existing support measures and advice on how to mitigate the effects of the crisis and promote economic recovery.
The team, which will include experts from various areas, will be formed by the Lisbon City Council and Startup Lisboa.

A marketplace will be specially created to match the needs of companies, institutions and municipalities to the skills and services offered by the Lisbon entrepreneurial system.
Technological solutions will be developed in order to allow start-ups to continue operating and respond to current challenges.

Cultural entities will receive full payment for any agreements already signed, namely with the EGEAC, with a view to providing financial support and facilitating programme rescheduling and online broadcasting.

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Payments to the city’s cultural entities already subsidised will be fast-tracked to help maintain the respective operation.

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