The Lisbon City Council granted approximately 600,000 euros to welfare associations and entities in Lisbon that provide support to the homeless, people with disabilities, senior citizens, families and children in need, and healthcare services.
These funds will also help maintain and improve the support provided to the homeless population by allowing the purchase of essential goods and the continued activities of dedicated teams.


Hot meals, personal hygiene products and medicines will be distributed to the 4,000 people already included within the scope of this support programme, as well as people attending Day Care Centres that needed to be closed and people unable to cook their own meals.


Local integration support centers

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The COVID-19 SEF includes a series of exceptional, temporary financial support measures aimed at mitigating economic shortfalls during the emergency period currently experienced across the country.
The purpose of this fund is to support families so that they can face unpostponable expenses associated with basic needs, namely essential goods, water, electricity, gas, rents, medicines, trips to medical appointments and others.


The fund is intended for families in need, families facing serious housing emergencies and/or economic shortages, and families whose income has been significantly reduced as a result of quarantine, prophylactic isolation, dismissal, cessation of allowances, reduced benefits or delay/suspension of income during the emergency period currently experienced across the country.


Given the emergency situation, applications must be submitted through the means made available by each Parish Council for this purpose. Applications must include the identification of the intended support, the respective grounds and all supporting documentation.



The new Extraordinary Regime consists of a series of regulations formulated in a sole article (1-A), which has been added to the existing Regulations applicable to Emergency Funds for IPSS and other non-profit organisations in order to allow the provision of financial support within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic, through a simplified process.


Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) and other non-profit organisations engaged in social activities in the city of Lisbon requiring financial aid to step up or maintain their response capacity. The Municipality is also entitled to use the Emergency Fund to establish partnerships in the area of social intervention with other state or private non-profit organisations, provided that the ultimate purpose of such partnerships is directly or indirectly related to the pandemic or its effects.

Granted funds are to be used for the purposes of paying human resource costs (retention and recruitment) and acquiring goods and/or services deemed essential to ensuring the normal operation and goals of the entities in question, as well as to foster the development of social intervention projects and the implementation of adequate response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic, in areas of recognised social interest.

Applicants shall be required to describe and document the grounds for the application and their inability to fulfil their financial obligations.


Applications should be sent to the Department for Social Rights by e-mail, at, together with the documents listed in paragraphs a) to e) and in the annex referred to in article 5, point 2, of the Fund Regulations, namely the following:

a) Photocopy of the entity’s taxpayer identification document;

b) Photocopy of the Articles of Association;

c) Photocopy of a declaration stating that the entity in question is an IPSS or equivalent, as well as the respective permanent registration, if applicable;

d) Payment certificates pertaining to Social Security contributions and State taxes;

e) Photocopy of the minutes of the meeting in which the current Governing Bodies were elected;


Applications will be evaluated based on the specific social criteria defined in article 9, point 2, paragraphs a) to c), of the Lisbon Municipality Social Fund Regulations in effect, taking the current budged into consideration. More specifically, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Activities undertaken by the applicant, namely regarding actual community needs, as identified on a local or municipal level (Social Diagnosis, Municipal Plans, Social Network Plans and Strategic Charters, and other studies/diagnoses);
  • Continuous activities undertaken in relation with social inclusion and community issues deemed a priority;
  • Activities undertaken in order to address social and economic inequality and fight social exclusion.

Following approval in a Council meeting, funds will be granted through the signature of a legally binding agreement or protocol and paid under the terms specified therein.  

The Council may decide to forego the aforementioned agreement or protocol whenever the purpose of the funds in question is the payment of activities already completed on the date of the decision, in which case the applicant will be required to submit the respective reports. 

The amount granted cannot exceed €20,000, if the applicant is not responsible for managing public facilities, or €100,000, when the applicant is responsible for managing such facilities, provided the funds requested are to be used in order to ensure their continuous operation.

Higher amounts may exceptionally be granted, should the aforementioned limits be deemed insufficient

Lisbon Social Emergency Fund Regulations – Provision of Financial Support to Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) and other non-profit organisations, as approved through Decision 219/AML/2016, of 12 July (Proposal no. 257/CM/2016), in accordance with the text of Decision 78/AML/2020 of the Lisbon Municipal Meeting, of 14 April, concerning Proposal 96/CM/2020, of 9 April.

Lisbon Social Emergency Fund - Complete version

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