Higiene urbana

Conheça as medidas implementadas pelo município de Lisboa para garantir a proteção da saúde pública, e dos trabalhadores envolvidos nas operações de recolha e tratamento de resíduos e, em simultâneo, controlar os fatores de disseminação da doença e contágio por Covid-19.

The Lisbon City Council has stepped up mechanical street washing operations across the city, with a view to ensuring better public space cleaning and disinfection, particularly near bus stops.
These measures also apply to waste collection vehicles and containers.


All rubbish produced by households with infected persons (or persons suspected to be infected) should be placed in resistant, disposable garbage bags, irrespective of quantity. Bags should be filled up to 2/3 (two thirds) of their capacity.
Masks and gloves should always be placed in mixed waste containers.