• Suspension of payment for parking on public roads will remain as long as confinement is maintained
  • Residents with a badge can park for free at any EMEL park during this period
  • All the signs of residents or traders active until January 15, and which have since expired, see their expiration date until March 31, 2021.

Face-to-face service operates through prior scheduling via email: agendamentos@emel.pt 

Holders of overnight parking permits for car parks operated by Empark will be allowed to park their vehicles 24 hours a day, with no added charges.


Reserved parking spaces on public roads will be reviewed, in close partnership with Parish Councils, in order to assess their possible allocation to other users during the contingency period, according to needs.

    Up and running again

    EMEL exempts Health professionals from payment of their travel in the GIRA Shared Bicycle Network during two months. This measure becomes effective on 6 April.

    To benefit from this exemption, just register on the GIRA app and send an email to gira@emel.pt indicating your user account and a document certifying your profession or workplace.

    EMEL exempts the Civil Protection Agents and Security Forces of Lisbon from GIRA payment during two months.

    To benefit from this exemption, just send an email to gira@emel.pt with identification details: image of your Citizen Card (front and reverse) and a document certifying your profession or workplace.

    MEASURES IMPLEMENTED BY CARRIS (Public Transport Operator)

    From 30 March onwards, more buses will be made available on the busiest lines, on business days.
    From 4 April onwards, bus lines 716 | 720 | 732 | 797 will stop running on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

    Other services temporarily discontinued:
        Bus lines: 734 | 749 | 765 | 782 | 798;
        Bus lines 24E | 25E | 15E;
        Cable Cars: Bica, Lavra, Gloria and Santa Justa;
        Local Bus Lines: 22B | 31B | 32B | 37B | 43B | 44B | 58B | 70B | 73B | 76B | 79B.

    Additional information is available on the Carris website

    ●    getting on vehicles: rear door;
    ●    on-board ticket sales: suspended;
    ●    ticket validation: optional;
    ●    stopping: mandatory at all stops, in order to prevent passengers from pressing the stop button.