From 30 March onwards, more buses will be made available on the busiest lines, on business days.
From 4 April onwards, bus lines 716 | 720 | 732 | 797 will stop running on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Other services temporarily discontinued:
    Bus lines: 734 | 749 | 765 | 782 | 798;
    Bus lines 24E | 25E | 15E;
    Cable Cars: Bica, Lavra, Gloria and Santa Justa;
    Local Bus Lines: 22B | 31B | 32B | 37B | 43B | 44B | 58B | 70B | 73B | 76B | 79B.

Additional information is available on the Carris website

●    getting on vehicles: rear door;
●    on-board ticket sales: suspended;
●    ticket validation: optional;
●    stopping: mandatory at all stops, in order to prevent passengers from pressing the stop button.

MEASURES IMPLEMENTED BY EMEL (Lisbon City Parking Operator)

Atendimento presencial reabre a 1 de junho, com agendamento prévio através do telefone +351 211 163 060.

Mais informação

Payment of parking fees in Controlled Parking Zones will be suspended. Parking will be allowed in the spaces indicated for this purpose; supervision will also be suspended.
Vehicles bearing resident parking permit stickers will be allowed to park for free in the EMEL car parks located in the respective areas of residence (the registration number must be provided through the intercom at the entrance), although sufficient space must be ensured for existing permit holders.


    All vehicles bearing permit stickers issued under the General Regulation for Parking and Stopping on Public Roads valid on 1 February 2020 which have expired in the meantime will continue to be allowed to park in the areas allocated to residents until 30 June 2020, in order to eliminate the need for renewal of permits and associated trips.



    Holders of overnight parking permits for car parks operated by Empark will be allowed to park their vehicles 24 hours a day, with no added charges.



    Reserved parking spaces on public roads will be reviewed, in close partnership with Parish Councils, in order to assess their possible allocation to other users during the contingency period, according to needs.


      Public elevators (other than single use) operated by EMEL are currently unavailable.



      As a result of the measures imposed by the Government due to the State of Emergency, which entail the closing of all restaurants to the public, albeit allowing operation under the meal delivery and take-away service regime, the Lisbon shared bicycle scheme (GIRA) was reassessed and exceptionally reinstated, in order to support home delivery services.
      This exceptional measure aims to contribute to containing the Covid-19 pandemic and facilitate self-isolation by ensuring access to meals by people with reduced mobility and/or unable to cook their own meals at home.


      A EMEL isenta os profissionais de Saúde do pagamento das suas deslocações na Rede de Bicicletas Partilhadas GIRA durante dois meses. A medida entra em vigor a 6 de abril.

      Para beneficiar desta isenção basta registar-se na App GIRA e enviar um e-mail para com a identificação da sua conta de utilizador e um documento comprovativo da profissão ou local de trabalho.

      EMEL isenta Forças de Segurança e Agentes de Proteção Civil de Lisboa de pagamento da GIRA durante dois meses.

      Para  beneficiar desta isenção basta enviar um e-mail para com os elementos de identificação: imagem do Cartão de Cidadão (frente e verso) e um documento comprovativo da profissão ou local de trabalho.