Extraordinary measures

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Municipality of Lisbon has established a series of measures aimed at supporting the city’s cultural and entertainment institutions, entities and activities:

Acquisitions: Fine Arts, Book and Public Art
The fund created to support acquisitions in the area of fine arts will also be increased and its scope extended to books and public art.

Measure 4 - Social, cultural, sports and recreational institutions operating in premises owned by the municipality
All social, cultural, sports and recreational institutions operating in premises owned by the municipality will be fully exempted from paying rent until 30 June 2020.

Measure 13 - Support to cultural entities
Cultural entities will receive full payment for any agreements already signed, namely with the EGEAC, with a view to providing financial support and facilitating programme rescheduling and online broadcasting.

Measure 14 - Payments to cultural entities
Payments to the city’s cultural entities already subsidised will be fast-tracked to help maintain the respective operation.

Measure 15 - Extension of support to cultural entities and activities
Support to cultural entities and activities will be extended to entities and/or activities not currently benefitting from municipal subsidies, namely through the Municipal Emergency Fund (applications closed).

Program for Fado houses

  • a documentary about Casas de Fado was shown, in partnership with RTP and financed by EGEAC/Fado Museum;
  • a program of conversations and fados with artistic casts from Lisbon's fado houses was developed, a program managed by the Fado Museum;
  • coproduction of a program involving several artists, in a partnership between the Santa Maria Maior Parish Council and the Fado Museum;
  • development of a specific program, in collaboration with the Lisbon Tourism Association, to relaunch the sector in the medium term, supporting the recovery of fado houses and maintaining the vitality of an artistic area that is asserting itself as a cultural reference, which is also important to preserve as a memory of the city itself.


Lisbon Festivities and Santo António Weddings

  • The Lisbon City Council and EGEAC canceled this year's Lisbon Festivities. The Santo António Weddings are also canceled, maintaining the current applications for the next edition.


If you already benefit from a municipal subsidy:

Contact the Cultural Action Division technician responsible for managing your file

If you do not yet benefit from a municipal subsidy:

Contact Loja Lisboa Cultura:
+351 218 173 600 (2pm-7pm on business days)


Loja Lisboa Cultura is a specialised service offered by the Lisbon City Council . This service offers free information and training on topics related to cultural sector professional activities and organisations: taxes, social security, copyright and related rights, support and financing, among others.

You can contact Loja Lisboa Cultura by telefone or e-mail:
 +351 218 173 600 (2pm-7pm on business days)

For questions or doubts regarding topics not related to the Covid-19, you can also consult the online articles

Through Loja Lisboa Cultura, the city's cultural agents can send their suggestions and concerns to the municipality.

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