Security and Prevention


Exercise all powers legally conferred on the municipal police of the municipality of Lisboa

Ensure, in a centralized manner, the inspection actions to be conducted within the scope of the municipality's legal responsibilities and powers, namely in terms of urbanism, economic activities, urban environment, and traffic, among others, with the exception of those that require technical verification by the municipal services and that are part of their competences;


Carry out inspection actions at the request of municipal services;


Detect and inform anomalies and situations that require intervention by other municipal services, so that such anomalies and situations can be resolved;


Ensure the surveillance, protection and maintenance of order in areas subject to a forestry regime in the municipality of Lisboa;


Cooperate in maintaining public tranquillity and protecting the local community by performing public security functions, surveillance of public spaces or spaces open to the public;


Issue police reports on acts that constitute mere social misdemeanours, provide the data based on those reports and propose the commencement of the respective misdemeanour proceedings to the Legal Department;


Execute notification warrants.