Digital Skills

A basic pillar of full citizenship, digital skills are also key to ensuring the development of an inclusive, sustainable society.

Lisbon seeks to actively promote and develop competences in key areas for the city’s economy, such as the technological and digital fields.

Our focus on establishing valuable partnerships, designing free qualification programmes and promoting debate on upskilling and reskilling aspects have played a crucial role in facilitating learning processes, driving innovation and encouraging the community to build a more qualified, inclusive, sustainable job market.

Our mission is to create and develop talent in Lisbon and bring relevant players together, such as to build a better future and ensure employment continuity and sustainability.

Projects and Partnerships

In order to support and encourage the acquisition and improvement of digital skills in growing areas, the city of Lisbon invests in strategic partnerships, such as to provide its citizens with free, up-to-date qualification programmes of extreme relevance in the actual job market.