Health and wellness economy

Owing to its extensive healthcare service network, Lisboa is recognised as an attractive city in the health and wellness sector. Moreover, the wide offer of prestigious hotels offering health and wellness services turn the city into a prime wellness destination.

Recent scientific and technological advances, namely the decoding of the human genome, robotic surgery and bionic prostheses, as well as the development of preventive medicine and gerontology, not only contribute to healthcare sector growth but also boost related activities, such as information technologies, tourism, robotics and the textile industry.

In order to respond to some of the aforementioned societal challenges, Lisboa boasts an extensive network of hospitals, research centres and may higher education institutions dedicated to the teaching of medicine and other health sciences. Moreover, the city also benefits from a cluster of pharmaceutical companies located in the region.

The city is undergoing profound changes in what concerns its hospitals, which involve the closing of old hospitals in the city centre and the opening of a large central hospital in East Lisboa. This transformation represents an opportunity for the city to attract a wide range of healthcare businesses and medical research institutions.