Creative economy

Lisboa’s cosmopolitan, multicultural environment, the city’s openness to technological innovation, particularly information and communication technology (ICT), and its highly skilled, competitive workforce represent important drivers for the development of a creative economy.

Owing to its significant growth potential, the Creative Economy, which involves economic, sociocultural and technological aspects, is a determining sector for the city. The creative economy is driven by numerous sector players and interactive processes that encourage transformation and foster dialogue between private and public entities.

Creative Projects

The first incubator for Creative Industries, the Mouraria Innovation Centre, was established in Mouraria, one of the city’s most creative neighbourhoods the Mouraria Innovation Center.


Established at the Forno do Tijolo Market, the FabLab Lisboa seeks to foster product development by offering community members the opportunity to develop their own prototypes.

This initiative offers citizens the opportunity to become familiar with centuries-old techniques and tools. It is ultimately sought to breathe new life into traditional professions and know-how and preserve this part of the city’s invaluable, irreplaceable heritage.

More information about the Bairro Alto Crafts Market

Tem como base a troca de experiências entre cidades e regiões, com o objectivo de promover  ecossistemas colaborativos, com foco na inovação e crescimento das PME.

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