Lisboa has many good reasons to invest. In addition to boasting a privileged geographic location, as the Atlantic gateway to Europe, with access to 500 million European consumers, Lisboa maintains close relationships with Portuguese-speaking countries, a market of 250 million people.

One of the safest cities in Europe, Lisboa is the economic centre of a vast region, boasting qualified professionals, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and good quality of life. Moreover, a wide variety of real estate options makes this environmentally conscious, creative, entrepreneurial city an ideal location for business.

In fact, many international companies have established their head offices and competence centres in Lisboa, thus benefitting from the city’s modern transport and telecommunications networks.

One of the top 10 European cities with potential for the future (Financial Times, FDI February/March 2012), Lisboa won the European City of the Year 2012, prize awarded by the Academy of Urbanism (UK) based on criteria such as governance, commercial success and viability, social and environmental sustainability, and functionality. In 2014, the city also won the European Entrepreneurship City 2015 award, in Brussels. This initiative seeks to recognise and reward the best regional strategies for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lisboa economy in numbers