The Green Commitment Lisbon – Companies & Organisations is an agreement for 2020-30 whereby companies and organisations commit to adopting, within the scope of their activities, measures that will help achieve the sustainability goals set by the city of Lisbon.

Why this Commitment?
Lisbon is a city committed to the future!
All of the city’s players need to work in close collaboration to ensure that Lisbon remains at the frontline of the sustainability agenda. In order to accomplish this goal, companies and organisations were invited to take on the Green Commitment Lisbon, together with the Municipality, a challenged accepted on the spot by about 200 Companies.

Why Companies and Organisations?
Although Lisbon needs everyone, companies and organisations are responsible for a large part of the city’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, which is why they should include sustainability concerns in their social responsibility policies.

Project objectives:
Strategic objective: To encourage businesses to take concrete action in order to help the city achieve its climate goals.