Study in Lisbon

The “Study in Lisbon” project results from a partnership between Lisboa-based entities interested in promoting, divulging and realizing the city’s intellectual and scientific potential.
This project seeks to unite as many entities as possible and organise joint initiatives aimed at promoting the city’s institutions and its scientific and academic potential across the globe, for the ultimate purpose of attracting national and international talent, students and researchers to Lisboa.
The city’s promotion as a knowledge and innovation hub also involves an effective communication strategy, aimed at foreign students/researchers, able not only to convey the city’s fantastic climate, magnificent landscape and vibrant cultural and social life, but also to advertise its benchmark research centres and prestigious universities.

The Study in Lisbon portal is one of the many components of the “Study in Lisbon” project. Bringing information, partners and initiatives together, the portal seeks to promote the city as a global knowledge and innovation hub.

This platform relies on the participation of several Lisboa-based Higher Education Institutions, public and private, as well as the contents contributed by other partners, namely the Fulbright Commission, the Luso-American Foundation for Development, the Jacques Delors European Information Centre, the Erasmus Life Lisboa Association and the Erasmus Student Network Association.

In order to offer students a unique hospitality experience and a welcoming environment, the municipality has created a dedicated space, as part of the Study in Lisbon project: the STUDY IN LISBON LOUNGE.

The Lounge is shared with several project partners, namely Erasmus Associations and the Immigration and Border Control Service. Located in Entrecampos, the Lounge is close to several universities, research centres and the national library, in addition to benefitting from a good public transport network. The Lounge offers a range of useful services to international students and researchers during their stay in Lisboa.

Available services:

  • General information;
  • Immigration and Border Control Service (subject to prior booking);
  • European Union Citizen Registration certificate;
  • Accommodation options;
  • Transport services;
  • Language schools;
  • SIM cards;
  • Work experience placements;
  • Cultural, sports and leisure activities.

Since 2012, the Lisboa City Council has participated in the NAFSA – Association of International Educators, the most important meeting of teachers and other education professionals, which takes place every year in the USA.

This participation affords excellent opportunities for promoting Lisboa as a city of knowledge and innovation before the countries represented at the Fair.
In 2018, Lisboa joined the Study & Research in Portugal Pavilion, together with the Fulbright Commission, the Directorate-General for Higher Education, the Science and Technology Foundation, the Portuguese University Rectors Council, the Higher Polytechnic Institutes Coordinating Council, the Portuguese Association of Private Higher Education, the Portuguese Embassy in the USA and the U.S. Embassy in Portugal.

In line with the strategic measures adopted to attract foreign students and researchers to the city, the Lisboa City Council seeks to promote the Study in Lisboa project, as well as the respective platform and Lounge, and to present the city as a great place to study, engage in research, work and live.
This event usually attracts around 10,000 speakers from 3,500 institutions in 100 countries.

In 2019, the annual Conference will be held in Washington D.C.

As part of its commitment to furthering knowledge, promoting innovation and fostering competitiveness, the Lisboa City Council has organised a series of meetings, known as Lisbon Talks, which aim to provide a deeper insight into the city’s economy.

This initiative represents an opportunity to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences concerning the city’s economy and strategy, by allowing experts to engage in open, participative debate, discuss the efforts undertaken in recent years and reflect upon the role played by the Lisboa City Council in the areas of economy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The sessions seek to encourage dialogue between the Municipality, recognised experts in the areas of economy and innovation, and citizens wishing to participate actively in the city’s development.