Made of Lisboa

The Made of Lisboa platform, which symbolises and represents the Lisboa entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem and the city’s creative community, is the face of the Lisboa City Council in this area and one of the visible pillars of the city’s economic development strategy.

Made Of Lisboa brings together the city’s entrepreneurial, creative and technological communities, and all partners working in these areas. Its mission is to unite and promote the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem by strengthening its sense of community, creating online and offline networking opportunities, and fostering dialogue between the various players and professional activities (primarily of an innovative and technological nature).

This platform was created out of our profound belief in the value of credible, up-to-date information. Because we are aware that networking is key to ensuring business success and the emergence of new ideas. We know that good connections attract good investments. And that an organised, interconnected ecosystem is essential to developing ideas, supporting companies and promoting business growth. A vibrant community.

Many start-ups created in the city’s incubators have expanded their activity and currently have their own offices in Lisboa (e.g. Uniplaces, nMusic, Science4You, LandingJobs, Unbabel and Ezimut, amongst others).  It is this diversity and large number of quality players that makes the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisboa a lively, dynamic entity, known across the country and the globe.

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