Municipality of Lisbon - A Lisbon that doesn't sleep

Every night, technical teams from various charities roam the city’s streets in search of the homeless. Their goals: to extend a helping hand, listen to their stories and help them find new paths in life.


The importance of environmental quality in the city

Assessing and managing environmental noise, reducing the number of people exposed to excessive sound levels, improving quality of life and improving environmental quality.

Lisbon Municipal Police

Safety After Dark

All cats are grey in the dark. Unless the Lisbon Municipal Police (LMP) is on duty.

VIH: O vírus do preconceito e discriminação

Over 30 years of HIV in Portugal

Over 30 years of HIV in Portugal

One of the first persons to publicly admit to being infected with HIV and fight for this cause, Pedro Silvério Marques, now aged 73.

Lisbon Roman Theatre

Lisbon introduces the antient Felicitas Iulia Olisipo Theatre

Built in the era of Emperor Augustus in the 1st century AD, it was remodelled during the reign of Nero, in 57 AD

Using drugs under the attentive look of Healthcare Professionals

Pioneering project in Beato and Arroios

Lisbon currently counts about 1400 drug users, already followed by specialist teams. The Lisbon City Council has now developed a long-awaited response: the Monitored Use Mobile Programme.

The Madhouse. Art Without Prejudice

The Madhouse is the first Creative Atelier, Social Hub and Raw Art gallery to promote the works of artists with mental health issues.


The goal of Metrology is to protect citizens, as consumers and traders, by safeguarding their rights when commercial transactions are carried out.